Does it make a woman unsuccessful just because she’s modelled in a bathing suit?

Now, before I begin this I would like to state that I am not at all a supporter of Donald Trump, neither am I a feminist…

I have just been watching a video on YouTube called “10 pictures Ivanka Trump doesn’t want you to see” and the first picture discussed was one of her taken after an interview with Harper’s Bazaar in 2007. Ivanka is shown to be “sporting a hot bathing suit, high heels and a jackhammer”. According to the narrator this ruins her reputation as a business woman…

Admittedly, this is sadly an example of a very intelligent woman objectifying herself. However, as a lover of fashion, is it really wrong for her to be getting involved in something she is passionate about. In a way, it is an example of her following her dreams which should be seen as inspirational, rather than distasteful.

It certainly should not be the case that one photo taken during the course of her career has the capability of ruining her reputation. And, I think that to assume Ivanka would not want the public to see is a poor assumption to make. It is a part of her career and shapes who she is. Simply because it is not to everyone’s taste does not mean that her modelling was the wrong thing to do. It is purely her expressing a part of who she is.


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