Why is it so hard to sleep alone?

I told myself that I would sleep alone in my own bed tonight to prepare myself for a 9am lecture…. turns out this was unsuccessful. Here I am sat up in bed writing blogposts at 2am because I’m not even close to tired.

It’s easier to sleep when someone’s sleeping next to you and you can be reassured that you’re safe and warm at that time. When you’re alone there’s just you and a dark room. It keeps me up every night and I get restless and only manage to sleep a couple of hours.

I constantly stare at the clock wondering what time it is and calculating the amount of time I would get to sleep for if I went to sleep right at that moment.

I then get to the internet, googling “how to fall asleep fast” and “why can’t I sleep?” only to try multiple methods that still don’t work.

I try lying in the dark for hours with my eyes closed…. but, still no sleep.

I get to the point very early in the morning where I’m actually debating whether or not it’s best to get around 2 hours sleep or whether it would simply be easier to stay up all night.

I’m going to regret all of these things when my alarm starts beeping at 7:30am…

Goodnight folks, hope you’re all sleeping well x


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