How to tolerate annoying people without being a complete bitch…

So, I’ve just started my second semester at university. I came back into my flat with a clear head and an open mind forgetting how much one of my flatmates really grated at me. I tried to be patient, but honestly, sometimes personalities really don’t work well together and me and her…. well, let’s just say it’s not a friendship that’s meant to be.

Let’s backtrack a little here… first day of uni I met this girl and she was friendly and we both made an effort. But, after she said the classic words “we’re going to be best friends” something in the back of my mind immediately knew that statement was certainly not going to be the case.

The relationship between me and her got progressively worse when I next found out that she was a “compulsive liar”. Her words, not mine. The constant string of stories she tells to gain people’s attention change constantly and get more and more annoying each time to the point where it makes me cringe when she comes in a room with that look on her face where you know she’s going to start telling you about her life.

Recently, after coming back after Christmas she’s gained a new annoying habit. Insulting people and somehow getting away with it because she’s so unusual people don’t even know how to respond. Switching between different insults based on me and my other flatmates weight, boob size, sex lives and goodness knows what else has made it very difficult not to start throwing bitchy comments back at her. However, her seemingly minimal amount of social skills means we all let her off as though she’s a child. Which, to be honest, isn’t particularly healthy.

Letting out how you feel is pretty essential, bottling it up is making the situation worse and is letting her get away with it… but how can you reason with someone who doesn’t seem to understand that what she is doing is insulting and who cries every time she’s told she’s wrong?!





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