Has technology ruined romance?

I was talking to my mum over Christmas about how her and my dad had met in a pub and then coincidentally he drove past her when she was walking home from uni in the rain etc. etc. and started wondering… do these moments still happen to people now?

Many of my friends relationships are either formed on Tinder or were just a friendship built up via Facebook. And, to be honest, I’m guilty of both admitting my feelings over the internet and swiping right on a guy I thought was cute.

These so called “meet cutes” tend not to happen anymore. I feel like everyone’s reliance on social media to build up relationships has stopped us from relating properly with each other in the real world. It’s as though we just don’t know how to interact with each other face-to-face anymore.

A late new year’s resolution for me is to delete my Tinder profile and stop flirting with people via Facebook in the hope of a relationship. It may seem clichéd to want a movie-style romance but this time, I think it’s what I need.


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